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Teri Ingle

I was introduced to the idea of sound for healing over 10 years ago and was immediately fascinated by the transformational ability that sound frequencies can induce. Sound is vibration; movement.  The secret power of sound is its ability to bypass our intellect and touch our emotions.  The vibration waves of sound can break up discord and stagnation within us and unite our isolated pieces, restoring the harmony of our wholeness. Healing sounds can induce deep states of relaxation, reduce the heart rate and blood pressure, and assist us in attaining dominion over the mind by stilling internal chatter and focusing our awareness.  The human body, being composed of 60-70% water, is a natural conductor of sound.  Sound is also carrier wave for consciousness.  Adding your Intention as the energy behind sound can bring healing to your state of being.  Changing from one energy state to another requires movement. Using sound as a tool for transformation can move you to a more desired state of living.

I invite you to explore my website to learn more about the benefits of sound healing and other tools for transformation. I also offer Intuitive Healing Sessions by Phone. Most recently, I was approved by John of God as a Crystal Bed Facilitator! Sessions on the John of God Crystal Healing Bed are available in person as well as long distance. If you have any questions about services, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Be sure to sign up for my email list to stay informed of the latest service and product offerings, informative articles, and updates to my workshops and events calendar!

I look forward to working with you and hope to assist you in your journey toward wellness, balance and peace.

In love and light,

Teri Ingle

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Sound Healing Sessions

Deeply relax and unravel energy knots that have formed on the many layers of your thoughts, emotions, and physical body.
Sound Healing Instruments

Sound Healing Instruments

Sound travels four times faster in water than in air. The human body is composed of 60-70% water, making you a perfect canvas for sound to heal.
Reflexology and Polarity

Reflexology & Polarity

Natural methods for activating the healing powers of the body with overall balance as the ultimate benefit.

Aromatherapy Blends

Essential oils are the life force of plants. The aroma of their natural fragrance can affect your body, mind and spirit.


  • Teri’s sessions have the ability to connect with the Divine and also give you a personal message you are seeking.
    Anne B., OH
  • I highly recommend Teri Ingle! I just had a phone session with her that was a very huge benefit to me. She is truly phenomenally helpful! She said I was bringing in a very beautiful Divine energy from above, but then it was shooting out of my throat chakra instead of connecting to my 10th-12th chakras... so it wasn't nourishing my lower chakras or grounding and protecting me. Because of this new awareness, I'm so excited to see the healing and alignment that can now happen. She also taught me how to ground my energy correctly!
    Teri Simonds, Westerville, OH
  • So far, I've had two John of God Crystal Bed remote phone sessions with Teri. WOW!!!! Each one was tremendously transformative and the energy transmission in the second one was through the roof! Teri passed along helpful and loving information from the Casa Entities along with her own intuited guidance for me. I feel clearer in my body, mind and spirit. My own intuitive abilities have increased ten-fold!
    Anne C., Lancaster, OH
  • Over the last five years years, I've had both in-person and long distance sessions with Teri. She is an incredibly gifted healer and intuitive. Even through the phone, I can FEEL her move out stuck energy in my body. Her intuitive impressions are simply spot-on and give much-appreciated clarity. I'm so blessed to have Teri as a guide in my earthly journey and have benefited tremendously from her healing work and insight. I can't recommend her enough!
    Angie Saul, Pataskala, OH
  • My session with Teri was very rewarding for me.  It helped me to release the feelings & the things that I had forgotten that were holding me back from my growth in life.  It gave me a sense of release and a feeling of happiness that I didn't know was missing.  I now feel happier and healthier.  It gave new feeling to my soul.  I wish that everyone could have this experience.
    Dottie Asselin, Director, Sand, Sea & Spirit, Retired
  • Teri is a natural, compassionate, gentle instrument of healing.  She has the ability to see the big picture & help you discern what will bring more energy and focus into your life as well as offer a variety of tools to help you feel healthier, happier, lighter and brighter.  In my 35 years as a holistic nurse, I have never met anyone as wonderful and so naturally blessed as Teri... time spent with Teri is truly a gift.
    Maggie McKivergin, RN, CNS, NLC, 1995 National Holistic Nurse of the Year
  • Teri has the ability to promote relaxation while clearing and balancing my energy fields.  The experience is amazing!  I have never felt so revitalized and stress free as I do when I complete a session with her.  She has an amazingly strong intuition and helps me through troubling issues in a caring and gentle way.  I never could have gotten through the stress of my divorce without her help.  The sessions also have helped relieve the pain and sleeplessness that accompany my fibromyalgia.
    Karen Seipert, Ed.D English Instructor, Retired
  • Teri provides the energetic tune-up I need for every 3,000 miles of my life's wear and tear.  I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to balance all that is going on in my life.
    Jan, Registered Nurse Practitioner & Busy Mom